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The Story Behind Art Apart

Many refugees around the world face several impediments towards receiving education, and this societal norm is often farfetched. Coming from places that may be experiencing political instability, turmoil, and violence, many of these students would receive little to no access to English Language Learning. 

Art can be utilised as a pedagogical tool for active teaching and learning. It has potential to encourage adaptability, fluency, and communicative competence. We at Artpeace, created an ideal virtual solution of providing English language learning through artistic and real-life contexts.

Art Apart is an online programme for language learning and cultural exchange through visual art, drama, and music. We collaborate with undergraduates at the National University of Singapore and the University of Hong Kong to facilitate and engage refugee students in Southeast Asia through online art, drama and music workshops.

Art Apart 1.0

In the first iteration of Art Apart, we partnered with 10 facilitators from the University of Hong Kong and the National University of Singapore to curate 5 sessions of art, drama and music workshops for students at the Minmahaw School, Thailand.

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